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Our focus is on explaining the significance of real direct selling and empowering individuals through education. We believe that with knowledge of the truth, people become capable of making better decisions. Protection from Incorrect Companies:

Our mission is to protect individuals from incorrect companies and chit fund companies that deceive under the name of direct selling. We aim to increase awareness so that people can recognize their rights and opportunities correctly. Transparency and Integrity:

We remain transparent and honest in our mission, ensuring that people always maintain trust and confidence. Our goal is to create a society where direct selling becomes a symbol of truth and integrity. Through our mission, we aspire to have each individual understand the truth, steer clear of misconceptions, and comprehend the real significance of direct selling.

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The mission of DS Study is to educate everyone about what real direct selling entails and to safeguard you from incorrect companies and chit fund companies operating under the guise of direct selling. We believe that through knowledge and awareness, we can guide you towards understanding the truth.


At DS Study, our collective aspiration is for every individual residing in India to gain awareness about real direct selling, ensuring their protection from becoming victims of fraud. We envision a nation where every citizen is equipped with knowledge to distinguish genuine opportunities, creating a safeguard against falling prey to deceitful practices.